Thank you to:

  • The inventors of Agda, for a new playground.
  • The authors of Software Foundations, for inspiration.
A special thank you, for inventing ideas on which this book is based, and for hand-holding:
  • Andreas Abel
  • Catarina Coquand
  • Thierry Coquand
  • David Darais
  • Per Martin-Löf
  • Lena Magnusson
  • Conor McBride
  • James McKinna
  • Ulf Norell
For pull requests big and small, and for answering questions on the Agda mailing list: For contributions to the answers repository:
  • William Cook
  • David Banas

There is a private repository of answers to selected questions on github. Please contact Philip Wadler if you would like to access it.

For support:

  • EPSRC Programme Grant EP/K034413/1
  • NSF Grant No. 1814460
  • Foundation Sciences Mathematiques de Paris (FSMP) Distinguised Professor Fellowship